As you can guess from our website we are specialised in Sunflower seeds and involved in sunflower seeds from farming it until the end process of turning it into oil. Also export from the seed form upto the husk pellets made from the shell of the seeds.

We are based in city of Ruse which is on the Romanian border 60 km away from Bucharest. With our 22 hard working office personel we handle shipment from one 40ft container upto 10.000 tones of oil seeds shipment made by vessels. Per year we go through 30.000 tons of sunflower seeds for oil production, kernels for bird food or bakery and sunflower oil. Due to our financial strenght besides our own production we are able to stock seeds from surrounding villages. 90% of our products are exported mainly to European Union. Main markets include: Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, Greece and Romania.

Thanks to our extensive production facilities we are able to offer wide range of products including sunflower seed for oil manufacturers, sunflower kernels and chips for bird feeding, sunflower flour for oil production, sunflower oil-cake for animal feed, sunflower husk pellets for bio energy, premium sunflower hearts for bakeries etc.

We are proud of our quality and also competitive due to full control in every process of growing the seeds until packing and shipping the products to your door.